Recycle Rangers

Meet sibling-duo Lola and Jake! They’re the fearless leaders, guiding a team of zany vehicles, all crafted from recycled goodies, on a super exciting mission to spruce up Green Valley. With Lola and Jake, everyday challenges turn into wacky, fun-filled adventures!

In each episode, the team solves a mystery, conquers a problem, or overcomes a challenge using teamwork, creative problem-solving, and their love for their town, the environment, and each other. Narrated by the engaging puppy reporter Anderson Woofer, the show promises a thrilling, educational ride while instilling environmental responsibility.

With its unique music created from recyclable materials and life lessons on conflict resolution and teamwork, “Recycle Rangers” offers an entertaining and nurturing journey for young viewers.



Jupiter Rocks!

Jupiter Rocks! is an animated musical comedy that follows the life of guitar-playing 7-year-old Penelope Sing, whose life is uprooted when her mom becomes Earth’s Planet Ambassador to Jupiter. 

Penelope struggles to fit into a world full of “aliens” and her new neighborhood but finds her groove after she joins the school rock band. Along with her friends both new and old – who visit by the Jupiter speedy space shuttle, Penelope meets many challenges as she navigates living in a wacky new world – but uses humor, music and wit to Rock and Roll through it all.



Koby & Friends

Koby the Blue Kangaroo and his friends join Miss Danielle in everyday preschool adventures while learning about teamwork, empathy and being a good friend!



Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds LIVE

Kids from 2 through 8 will love the wonderful world of everyone’s favorite teacher, Miss Danielle and her animal friends The Preschoolbuds. Kids love being in Miss Danielle’s classroom & then being transported into one of Miss Danielle’s stories and Magic’s worlds for an exciting adventure! Science, Character Education, Music, Art, its all here in each adorable episode.