Jupiter Rocks!

Jupiter Rocks! is an animated musical comedy that follows the life of guitar-playing 7-year-old Penelope Sing, whose life is uprooted when her mom becomes Earth’s Planet Ambassador to Jupiter. 

Penelope struggles to fit into a world full of “aliens” and her new neighborhood but finds her groove after she joins the school rock band. Along with her friends both new and old – who visit by the Jupiter speedy space shuttle, Penelope meets many challenges as she navigates living in a wacky new world – but uses humor, music and wit to Rock and Roll through it all.



Koby & Friends

Koby the Blue Kangaroo and his friends join Miss Danielle in everyday preschool adventures while learning about teamwork, empathy and being a good friend!



Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds LIVE

Kids from 2 through 8 will love the wonderful world of everyone’s favorite teacher, Miss Danielle and her animal friends The Preschoolbuds. Kids love being in Miss Danielle’s classroom & then being transported into one of Miss Danielle’s stories and Magic’s worlds for an exciting adventure! Science, Character Education, Music, Art, its all here in each adorable episode.