The Preschoolbuds

-An Enrichment Series

As our children grow they will be introduced to situations where having a strong sense of self and caring for the well-being of others will help them make well thought out decisions.

Each of the storybooks within the Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds collection are meticulously crafted to impart educational and social lessons. Children learn how to address everyday challenges – through the experiences of each story’s fun-filled characters.

When you enter the warm and nurturing world of Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds, you and your child will become immersed in stories that build academic skills and good citizenship.

Each Preschoolbuds title sensitively addresses issues, challenges and concepts that are central in child development.

Caring, sharing, acceptance, empathy and preparing children to exhibit kindness towards their peers and family are central themes throughout Danielle’s storybooks.

Tango has separation anxiety and learns how to adjust to school without mom.

Arabelle needs glasses and feels very insecure about being different.

Rupert cries when he doesn’t get his way until he learns how to use his words to communicate.

Jaxie is scared that he’s getting taller and afraid of what his friends will think.

Paige moves from China and speaks Mandarin. She’s shy and scared until her friends help her feel at home.

Betsie Bee is sick and afraid to go to the doctor. She soon finds out how caring and fun Doctor Hive is.

Spanish Addition

Rupert’s friends want to know why he’s not like his parents. A book about adoption and creating a family.

Koby worries all day but comes to learn how changing his thoughts to happy things, make the knots in his tummy go away.

Betsie is a Diva and doesn’t like to share. She quickly learns that sharing, caring and helping leads to new friends.

Arabelle is upset over a new baby coming home. She’s determined to be sad and angry, but quickly learns how wonderful her new baby brother is.

Getting gifts and toys is great fun and the kids have lots of requests. When a big empty box appears in their classroom, they quickly learn about the joys of giving to those less fortunate.