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-The London Day School Enrichment Series

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As our children grow they will be introduced to situations where having a strong sense of self and the well-being of others will help them to make well thought out decisions.  Each of the storybooks within the Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds collection are meticulously crafted to impart educational and social lessons that help children address everyday challenges – all through the experiences of each story’s fun-filled characters.  When you enter the warm and nurturing world of Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds, you and your child will share in experiencing stories that encourage children to foster their academic skills, as well as develop their good citizenship.  Each Preschoolbuds title sensitively addresses issues, challenges and concepts that are central in child development.  Caring, sharing, acceptance, empathy and preparing children to exhibit kindness towards their peers and family are central themes throughout Danielle’s storybooks.

kobyRecently, the Department of Education has embraced the importance of Character Education for students in the Elementary and Primary Grades.  The Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds book series meets this new imperative.  As an educator and author who has worked with hundreds of families and children, Danielle Lindner firmly believes that character education should begin in the preschool years – and not wait for elementary school to apply this method of study to build character and self-confidence.   Children as young as 18 months begin to learn about the world around them, gain a sense of self and learn how they and their actions fit into this complex world we live in.  Giving young children a fun, engaging, educational and exciting way to learn about themselves, the world and others is the mission of Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds – and we are delighted to have you and yours join with us.

Extra Fun with The Preschoolbuds

Welcome to our Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds coloring page section. This acclaimed book series also has been made into a wonderful television program that can currently be seen on the Children’s Television Network, a network specifically created for children’s hospitals and the well known Children’s Miracle Network.


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Latest Books


Tango: The Little Turtle Who Was Afraid to Go to School

Separating from a parent can be very difficult for a little one and parent, especially when it’s time for the first day of school. Tango explores the feelings that both parent and child have during the first days of preschool and explains what happens during each of their days, so that it’s easy for a child to understand why they are in school, what fun they will have, what they will learn, that they are safe, and most important, that mom or dad will be back at the end of each day. It also acknowledged the fact that separation anxiety is not just something that a child goes through. Separation anxiety in almost all cases involved the parents feelings as well.



Arabelle: The little bat with the most wonderful glasses

Children often struggle with feelings of insecurity at some point in their childhood. When children feel that there is something about them that makes them “different” from the others in their peer group, they often express fear, sadness and anger. Some children are afraid that they are too short, too tall or just don’t fit in. One of the most important things we can teach our children is that our differences make us special. In Arabelle, The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses, Arabelle struggles with the idea that if she has to wear glasses, she will not be the same as her friends and they will taunt and tease her. She quickly learns that we are all different in our own special way, and, in fact, having new pink glasses proves to be absolutely wonderful!



Sofia the Snail – The little snail that was afraid of the dark.

Helping children overcome the fear of a dark room can be a daunting task for parents, making bedtime a nightly chore. Sofia the snail, “The little snail who was afraid of the dark,” is a charming story that addresses a child’s fear of bedtime darkness. The colorful pages and poetic tale offers parents a whimsical way to comfort even the most nervous little sleeper.



Betsie Bee: The little bee who learned how to share

Betsie Bee – The little bee who learned how to share in preschool, is a book for children who are either just starting school or need to learn how to share with a new friend or sibling. A child’s first experience in school is often the first time they are expected to share with others, work collaboratively, and patiently wait their turn. Betsie Bee is the little bee who learns that sharing and caring for others brings wonderful rewards.



Rupert – The little puppy who ran out of tears.

Teaching our children about patience, tolerance, taking our turn and being “Ok” when things don’t always go our way, can be a daunting task for parents and teachers. Rupert, The little puppy who ran out of tears is the story of a puppy who rants and raves, cries and pouts to get his way and learns that using his words is a much better way to communicate with both his teacher and his friends. He also learns that sharing, caring and communicating without his tears and with his words instead, is the way to go!



Jaxie: A Short Story, About a Tall Giraffe

Jaxie is a happy “little” giraffe who loves playing with his friends and “fitting” in. One morning he wakes up to realize that he is not so “little” anymore. He is afraid that he may not “fit” in with his friends as well as he did before he grew so tall. As the story progresses, Jaxie realizes that being tall or short both have their advantages. Jaxie finds out that being happy with yourself is the biggest advantage of all.



Koby The Little Blue Kangaroo Who Worried All Day

Koby the little blue kangaroo is a lot like many of our children who spend much of the day being worried. Koby worries about things like being late for school, or forgetting his lunch. He worries about losing a friend or losing a game. He even worries about not worrying. With his worries keeping his mind busy and his tummy in a tizzy, Koby comes to learn that worrying really doesn’t change any of the things he worries about. With a little practice, he changes his worries into happy thoughts. Koby doesn’t stop worrying forever, but he sure worries a lot less!



The Kind Kids Celebrate the Holidays!: The Joys of Giving

The Holidays are the perfect time to teach children about the joys of giving! Children and even adults can get so caught up in the excitement of getting that they may forget about the joys of giving, particularly to those less fortunate. The Kind Kids Celebrate the Holidays – The Joys of Giving is a beautifully illustrated book that helps parents and educators share the true meaning of the holidays… sharing, caring and enjoying family and friends. Arabelle, Koby, Sofia and all of her friends learn what fun it is to fill a box with toys and books for other little boys and girls while enjoying the festive holiday season with family in Niceville. This book is sure to capture the hearts of both young and old alike.