After many years of requests and interviews  with media such as ABC News, The Reader’s Digest, and The Huffington Post, Danielle is finally ready to share the “Secret Sauce on Raising Super Kids.” Acclaimed parenting expert and educator, Danielle Lindner will be working with a limited number of Private One-On-One Clients and sharing her years of wit and wisdom!

Are you struggling with how to get your child to listen, eat healthy meals, or just go to a preschool tantrum-free?  Danielle’s private coaching sessions can help you navigate through any and all of the nutty and often terribly frustrating challenges that come with raising a preschooler. 

Danielle’s expert advice comes from years of working with hundreds of children in an early childhood educational setting and working with hundreds of parents to resolve the issues that come up every day.   


Danielle Lindner is not an expert in mental health and does not consider herself a therapist.  If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, please call 911.