Announcing: Your Parenting Minute!

We're so excited to announce that Danielle Lindner is the newest radio host on KFI AM 640! She will be offering her unique child-raising insights in her Friday segment "Your Parenting Minute," so be sure to tune in for valuable parenting tips, childhood education moments, and more... For a sample of what you have to [...]

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ABC Radio Interview on Gender & Tolerance in Schools

In her interview with ABC Radio, childhood educator and author Danielle Lindner discusses respect, tolerance, and equal opportunity regardless of gender in today's schools.

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Radio Interview: Talking About Race & Ethnicity with Your Kids

Danielle Lindner speaks on Matt Garrett's show about how to appropriately address race and ethnicity issues on the playground and at home.

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Why U.S. Kids Aren’t Confident in STEM Fields

Danielle Lindner interviews with KSCJ-AM radio's Mark Hahn, speaking on why children in the U.S. aren't confident in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). She also touches upon anxiety in kids and how to help manage or even avoid it. Listen now:

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Child Anxiety & Watching What You Say

In this radio interview with Health Access, Danielle Lindner discusses the effects of adult conversation around children, and how we can inadvertently cause our kids anxiety and what that usually looks like. Tune in to the interview now:

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A Different Approach to Childhood Education: Interview with My Best Parenting Advice

Danielle Lindner discusses the importance of taking a different approach to childhood education on this interview with My Best Parenting Advice. Listen now:

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Teaching Values to Children: Radio Interview on The Lars Larson Show

In this succinct radio interview, Danielle Lindner discusses the values that we teach children and what we should consider doing differently. Tune in now:

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Kids & Empathy: A Radio Interview with Danielle Lindner

Danielle Lindner discusses teaching kids empathy on "Issues Today" with Bob Gourley. Listen now:

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Danielle’s Radio Interview Discussion the Importance of Social Interaction

Danielle Lindner is interviewed live on KSCJ-AM is the #1 news/talk radio station in Sioux City, IA. She discusses childhood education and the importance of social interaction in the modern age of technology. Listen now!

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