How Can I Get My Preschooler to Clean Up?

By Danielle Lindner, educator and host of Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds The Preschool years are some of the most wonderful times and scariest for parents, especially if it’s the first child they are sending. I receive a lot of question from parents, from “How do I handle Separation Anxiety?” to “What do I do if my [...]

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Are Your Political Anxieties Rubbing Off On Your Kids?

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the news these days, however your children may be paying the price for your anxiety. If you feel like your child is being affected by current events or even your reaction to them, check out these tips on how to calm your anxiety and what to look for if [...]

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Help! My Child Won’t Go to School: Separation Anxiety and Preschool — Part 2

So, it was my daughter’s first day at preschool and after dropping her off at school, we were both a mess. I was so torn. She was so sad to leave me and I her. She was hysterical when I dropped her off, but the director assured me that five minutes after I left, she [...]

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Help! My Child Won’t Go to School — Separation Anxiety and Preschool. Part 1

It’s hard to remember the exact moment my daughter started exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, however it was very apparent to both myself and my husband the first day we brought her to preschool. When I decided to go back into corporate life after being a teacher for many years, I decided to ease into [...]

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Children’s Television Network Adds Preschool Series

The Children’s Television Network will debut Miss Danielles Preschoolbuds this month on the network, which is launching in children’s hospitals across America. Miss Danielles Preschoolbuds encourages children to reach their academic potential, address everyday challenges and develop good citizenship with preschool educator and children’s author Danielle Lindner... Click here to read more

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Help! My Child Won’t Stop Biting! 6 Tips to a Bite Free Day.

Are you the parent who cringes every time the phone rings, and you see it’s the school calling? I was that parent. Sadly, my sweet wonderful daughter loved to bite. She wasn’t mean-spirited, or hungry, but for some strange reason, she loved to bite the other kids in her class. I felt so horrible and [...]

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Kids Learn the Hard Way About Unpaid Fines: 5 Things to Know About Kids This Week

Danielle Lindner and her insights on banishing the “bedtime blues” is included in this fun roundup list of must-know kid-related news for the first week of April 2016! “Must bedtime be a kids-against-parents battle, or a boring routine that parents tolerate and kids demand? No, reassured parenting blogger Danielle Lindner on this week’s Huffington Post...” [...]

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HELP!! My Two Year Old Can’t Read!

As seen in November 2010 - The Alternative Press– Nursery U - Danielle Lindner Recently I was asked by a parent of a two year old, what she can do to make sure that her daughter is an early reader.  She stressed how inquisitive, intelligent and aware her daughter is and how she always enjoys [...]

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