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Danielle Lindner, is an educator, children’s book author, award winning woman entrepreneur and visionary, changing the landscape for early childhood education. One of her first projects she embarked on to create disruption in the current fields of early childhood education was to create The London Day School®.

Help! My Child Won’t Stop Biting! 6 Tips to a Bite Free Day.

Are you the parent who cringes every time the phone rings, and you see it’s the school calling? I was that parent. Sadly, my sweet wonderful daughter loved to bite. She wasn’t mean-spirited, or hungry, but for some strange reason, she loved to bite the other kids in her class. I felt so horrible and [...]

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STEM in Preschool and Prioritizing Your Happiness

Pull up a chair, shake up a cocktail, and kick up your heels while you tune in to the refreshingly real talk about what it takes to be a functional - and fun - parent in today's wild world of raising kids.

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Kids Learn the Hard Way About Unpaid Fines: 5 Things to Know About Kids This Week

Danielle Lindner and her insights on banishing the “bedtime blues” is included in this fun roundup list of must-know kid-related news for the first week of April 2016! “Must bedtime be a kids-against-parents battle, or a boring routine that parents tolerate and kids demand? No, reassured parenting blogger Danielle Lindner on this week’s Huffington Post...” [...]

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Help! My Kids Won’t Clean Up! 3 Simple Tips to Get it Done

Do you have a child that is perfectly able to clean up after themselves in school and is a total disaster at home? You are not alone. This is often the case, as I am asked about this very topic all the time. My daughter’s room is a mess, our playroom looks like a typhoon [...]

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My Child Won’t Listen! 4 Steps to Yes they Will!

Many parents over the years have come to me with the same question. Why is my son or daughter such a tyrant at home and such an angel in school? Why do they listen to whatever Miss Lisa says but give me a shrug and an attitude? Why do children give their teacher their best [...]

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Miss Danielle’s Preschool Buds Books Build Emotional & Social IQ

March 2, 2016 by MamaSmith · 1 Comment Disclosure: Mama Smith’s Review Blog received this item in exchange for her honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% hers. My daughters and I love to read together. Well, it is mostly me reading to them, but my 4 year old has started recognizing (and memorizing) stories. [...]

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Interview by Danielle Lindner on KMOX Radio

How do we encourage our young kids to love Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math? Most children are afraid of STEM subjects, but I’m all about encouraging early exploration with an emphasis on fun because I know it helps kids get excited and inspires their creativity! By introducing kids to STEM subjects at an early age [...]

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Talking to Kids About Subjects That Scare Them (and us)

Mommy...I'm scared.  This is a phrase we as children have uttered many times growing up. Perhaps it was because the light had just gone out & we were afraid of the dark, or at the top of that big hill because it was the first time we were going to take it on without training [...]

Another Back-to-School Night?

Every year most schools have a back-to-school night. This is generally the evening when parents get a babysitter, rush home from work and head out to school to hear a presentation by the principal or director and visit their child’s classroom. When your child first starts preschool, back-to-school night is something most parents really look [...]

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HELP!! My Two Year Old Can’t Read!

As seen in November 2010 - The Alternative Press– Nursery U - Danielle Lindner Recently I was asked by a parent of a two year old, what she can do to make sure that her daughter is an early reader.  She stressed how inquisitive, intelligent and aware her daughter is and how she always enjoys [...]

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