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Danielle Lindner, is an educator, children’s book author, award winning woman entrepreneur and visionary, changing the landscape for early childhood education. One of her first projects she embarked on to create disruption in the current fields of early childhood education was to create The London Day School®.

Help! My Child Won’t Go to School: Separation Anxiety and Preschool — Part 2

So, it was my daughter’s first day at preschool and after dropping her off at school, we were both a mess. I was so torn. She was so sad to leave me and I her. She was hysterical when I dropped her off, but the director assured me that five minutes after I left, she [...]

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Technology, Our Children, and Social Connections

All parents want their children to grow up to become happy, healthy adults that love their work, their families, and their relationships. But there’s a concern: How do they develop and maintain needed skills for those important relationships in life? This program is about technology, our children, and social connections... Click here to read more

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Toddler Stubbornness, Misconceptions, & Solutions

I recently interviewed with KLAY-AM’s Mike Franco on toddler stubbornness, misconceptions, and solutions. Tune in!

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Interview: Dealing with Stubborn Toddlers

Listen in on my interview with WPHM about toddler behavior and dealing with that infamous toddler stubbornness!  

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Help! My Child Won’t Go to School — Separation Anxiety and Preschool. Part 1

It’s hard to remember the exact moment my daughter started exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, however it was very apparent to both myself and my husband the first day we brought her to preschool. When I decided to go back into corporate life after being a teacher for many years, I decided to ease into [...]

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My Interview on Early Childhood Education Programs

A person’s childhood affects the way they grow up in aspects such as personality, social skills, behavior, and even intellect. If they do not have a good foundation, then the future regardless of how strong they are is impacted by the weak foundation. Early Childhood Education programs focus on the whole child and community involvement. [...]

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HELP! My Child Won’t Eat: 4 Schools of Thought to Make It Easier!

So you have a child who just won’t eat. Many kids will go through that picky eater stage and some will even remain that way into adulthood. I knew a child who decided at the age of four that she just didn’t want to eat anything with eyes, and so she became and stayed a [...]

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Danielle Speaks on Children’s Education, Technology, & Fear

Danielle Lindner interviews with KTRL-FM (Tarleton State University Radio in Stephenville, TX) and speaks on the following questions: Are we raising a generation of socially-inept children because of tablets, texting and social media? How do we teach preschoolers social graces that will stick throughout their lives? Why is it that the United States lacks talent [...]

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Announcing The Preschoolbuds New Monthly Book Contest!

Hey, everyone! Miss Danielle here. I’m so excited to announce this new monthly online contest to help people discover my book series and give you all an opportunity to win free books! Every month, I’ll be offering a new free book and easy opportunities to win. I’ve just launched my May contest, which offers the [...]

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Children’s Television Network Adds Preschool Series

The Children’s Television Network will debut Miss Danielles Preschoolbuds this month on the network, which is launching in children’s hospitals across America. Miss Danielles Preschoolbuds encourages children to reach their academic potential, address everyday challenges and develop good citizenship with preschool educator and children’s author Danielle Lindner... Click here to read more

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