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Danielle Lindner, is an educator, children’s book author, award winning woman entrepreneur and visionary, changing the landscape for early childhood education. One of her first projects she embarked on to create disruption in the current fields of early childhood education was to create The London Day School®.

Interview with Great Day in Hartford: Practical Parenting Advice

Educator and parenting coach, Danielle Lindner is a guest on "Great Day" on WFSB-TV (ABC Hartford, Connecticut). Danielle, author of "Parent's Pocket Guide to Surviving the Preschool Years," offers practical advice for the parents of preschool children. Watch the video now: 

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Top 5 Things Not to Say to Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

Danielle Lindner's Feature in Bay Area Parent Magazine— In my 14 years running a preschool, I’ve answered countless questions from students and parents alike. Here are five no preschool teacher wants to hear. My daughter is 3, but she’s a genius. Can we enroll her in the class with the 4-year-olds? While there are children [...]

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Couch Forts to Character Building: Danielle’s Guide to Nurturing Potential Preschoolers

In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Danielle Lindner, an educator, author, and 'preschool parenting queen', known for her eclectic approach to helping children cope through literature. Danielle shares her upbringing in Morris Plains, New Jersey, emphasizing her childhood's creative, less technologically dependent nature and its contrast to present-day child-rearing. The [...]

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Can You Follow Your Parenting Intuition?

This episode of the DSTLLD Podcast explores the fascinating world of early childhood education and effective parenting strategies alongside Danielle Lindner. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the critical role preschool plays in a child's development, along with practical tips on fostering empathy and cooperation in young ones. Danielle, a renowned expert in her field, [...]

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Good Day Atlanta Interview on Parenting

Educator and parenting coach, Danielle Lindner is a guest on "Good Day Atlanta," on WAGA-TV (Fox Atlanta). Danielle Lindner, author of "Parent's Pocket Guide to Surviving the Preschool Years," discusses how parents can address difficult subjects with their children. Watch the video now:

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10 Tips to Raise a Good Human

As an educator, I’m constantly reminded of things that we as a society used to do decades ago that we don’t need to do anymore.  We don’t go to the library to search the microfiche machine for information about a topic. We don’t need spare change to make photocopies. We don’t even have to go [...]

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Announcing: Your Parenting Minute!

We're so excited to announce that Danielle Lindner is the newest radio host on KFI AM 640! She will be offering her unique child-raising insights in her Friday segment "Your Parenting Minute," so be sure to tune in for valuable parenting tips, childhood education moments, and more... For a sample of what you have to [...]

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Girls and STEM: Making it the Choice Not the Chore

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ABC Radio Interview on Gender & Tolerance in Schools

In her interview with ABC Radio, childhood educator and author Danielle Lindner discusses respect, tolerance, and equal opportunity regardless of gender in today's schools.

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How Can I Get My Preschooler to Clean Up?

By Danielle Lindner, educator and host of Miss Danielle’s Preschoolbuds The Preschool years are some of the most wonderful times and scariest for parents, especially if it’s the first child they are sending. I receive a lot of question from parents, from “How do I handle Separation Anxiety?” to “What do I do if my [...]

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