Danielle Lindner combines her extensive work in education and working with parents, with a passion for authoring children’s books.  Her collection of books blend enchanting characters and colorful rhymes with important prosocial themes that help children address everyday challenges. Danielle selects the subjects of each book based on the issues, challenges and questions that parents and students present to her and her teaching team every day.

She develops each character with either a specific child she’s worked with or characteristics of many children she has taught over the years, writing in a poetic style that incorporates rhyme to capture a child’s interest and engages both the reader and the listener alike.  Her books may tackle a difficult issue, however her light approach explores each subject in an easy & entertaining format.

Danielle’s acclaimed books include titles such as “Sofia the SnailThe little snail that was afraid of the dark, “Arabelle,” The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses, “Rupert” the little puppy who ran out of tears, “Betsie Bee” the little bee who learned how to share and care, “Jaxie” a short story about a tall giraffe and “Koby” the little blue kangaroo who worried all day.  Her books have also been made into a wonderful children’s television program that can currently be seen on the Children’s Television Network, a network specifically created for children’s hospitals and the well known Children’s Miracle Network.

betie-bee-innerEach of her books play a prominent role in the London Day School® curriculum and have been embraced by children and parents alike. Ms. Lindner is also an accomplished children’s author and member of the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators).  Danielle’s growing roster of children’s books serve as an effective and fun tool in the classroom helping children discover and appreciate a wide array of important social values.  Now, with DanielleLindner.com,

Danielle Lindner is a revered educator and an acclaimed children’s author. As an educator, Danielle is noted for having founded London Day School® recognized among the most innovative preschools in the country.   In addition to her distinguished career in childhood education, Danielle is a recognized businesswoman and was named a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by the New Jersey chapter of Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (LWEBW).

However it’s her celebrated work as a children’s author – combined with her calling as an educator – that makes Danielle a unique figure in children’s literature. After receiving her M.A. in Teaching and Elementary Education (Hons.), from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1996, Danielle went on to serve as a teacher, trainer and educator for over 18 years in both public and private educational institutions. Danielle’s Day School is a trendsetter, providing children with an unprecedented opportunity to forge a lifelong love for learning – and offering parents a uniquely protective and engaging learning environment that helps socialize their children, and inspire them to become educationally curious and motivated. Her books are a magical combination of enchanting characters and enduring educational themes.


A working mother of two, Danielle struggled to find an early education program that not only offered the nurturing and loving environment she wanted for her children, but also a balanced educational program that challenged, engaged, excited and enriched young learners on a daily basis. Ms. Lindner, leveraged her 17 years in the education industry to create what The London Day School®.

When Danielle determined the need for a new balanced approach to early childhood learning, she set about designing a curriculum based on her vision.  The London Day School® gives students the tools to achieve success in areas that other preschools don’t match, all backed by Danielle’s comprehensive curriculum that encompasses STEM, public speaking, foreign language, the arts and character education.

Her educational philosophy is based on her belief that children require academic, social and emotional training to become successful, referred by psychologists as ‘Executive Functioning.’  Her approach underscores children’s ability to work collaboratively with others, to adjust to change and to learn how to be comfortable speaking in public at a young age – and thereby help avoid fear of speaking as they become adults.

Danielle is an advocate of Socratic questioning (systematic and disciplined exploration of ideas to focus on fundamental concepts, principles, theories and problems) to engage children to think creatively & feel safe to share viewpoints and ideas.  At London Day School®, children are given experiences necessary to build character now rather than waiting until elementary school, thereby helping to prevent children from becoming schoolyard bullies.  Character-building can fall victim to the tremendous amount of stimulus children face.  London Day School® builds skills needed for focus and concentration, and seeks to curtail the need for instant gratification.   For Lindner, failure represents a teachable moment opportunity.

Danielle Lindner has reimagined the traditional preschool, providing parents – who are increasingly seeking to emphasize early childhood education – with an extraordinary option to daycare.  Lindner designed London Day School to address the whole child, combining essential academic skills with a focus on social and emotional development. She has built the London Day School® community on the values of trust, fairness, cooperation, and sensitivity.  She joins with parents to instill students with a desire to learn to reach outside themselves and respect the dignity of others. Through her curriculum, students not only graduate from London Day School® with strong academic skills and a readiness for Kindergarten, they also grow as individuals and learn about the importance of social and community responsibility.