Hey, everyone! Miss Danielle here. I’m so excited to announce this new monthly online contest to help people discover my book series and give you all an opportunity to win free books! Every month, I’ll be offering a new free book and easy opportunities to win.

I’ve just launched my May contest, which offers the fun and educational prize of Tango: The Little Turtle Who Was Afraid to Go to School. You can enter the contest by clicking here.

Contest participants enter by earning points via the following:

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The book provided to May’s winner, Tango, discusses how separation from a parent can be very difficult for a little one and parent, especially when it’s time for the first day of school. Tango explores these feelings in an easy and fun way to show what fun they will have, what they will learn, that they are safe and most important, that Mom or Dad will be back at the end of each day. It also helps parents, too!

For more information about the Preschoolbuds monthly online contest or to enter now, click here.