Are you the parent who cringes every time the phone rings, and you see it’s the school calling? I was that parent. Sadly, my sweet wonderful daughter loved to bite. She wasn’t mean-spirited, or hungry, but for some strange reason, she loved to bite the other kids in her class.

I felt so horrible and really embarrassed when I would get the call from the school office. I was going out of my mind. If she didn’t stop biting, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay in school and that meant, not only a disastrous situation for me but also meant my daughter leaving her friends and a school she loved. So what do I do? And how do I get it done fast? I read and read and read and decided that I had to take a multi-faceted approach to this problem. I know now that this is the only approach to take. Tackle it head on and from all sides!

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