Miss Danielle's Preschool Buds

My daughters and I love to read together. Well, it is mostly me reading to them, but my 4 year old has started recognizing (and memorizing) stories. We recently got a bundle of books that are part of the Miss Danielle’s Preschool Buds series and the girls love them.  They are written by Danielle Lindner, who is a children’s book author and member of the SCBWI (Society for Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators). She is also the founder and Executive Director of the London Day School.

Her acclaimed books play an important role in the London Day School curriculum. Providing enchanting characters and colorful rhymes, Danielle’s books are designed to help teachers and parents alike provide strategies to help children cope with everyday challenges. She’s applied her deep experience as an educator, skills as a business woman and talents as a noted children’s author to develop The Kind Kids Character Education Book Series to address the growing social and emotional issues affecting young children and focus on building emotional and social I.Q. I am a huge fan of these books as they teach great lessons – and my daughters love them too! They have so much fun pointing out the characters from other books when they see them, and getting to know them.


Arabelle, which is about a bat with wonderful pink glasses.
Children often struggle with feelings of insecurity at some point in their childhood. When children feel that there is something about them that makes them “different” from the others in their peer group, they often express fear, sadness and anger. Some children are afraid that they are too short, too tall or just don’t fit in. One of the most important things we can teach our children is that our differences make us special. In Arabelle, The bat with the most wonderful pink glasses, Arabelle struggles with the idea that if she has to wear glasses, she will not be the same as her friends and they will taunt and tease her. She quickly learns that we are all different in our own special way, and, in fact, having new pink glasses proves to be absolutely wonderful! Purchase here.



Koby, which is about a little blue kangaroo who worried all day.
Koby the little blue kangaroo is a lot like many of our children who spend much of the day being worried. Koby worries about things like being late for school, or forgetting his lunch. He worries about losing a friend or losing a game. He even worries about not worrying. With his worries keeping his mind busy and his tummy in a tizzy, Koby comes to learn that worrying really doesn’t change any of the things he worries about. With a little practice, he changes his worries into happy thoughts. Koby doesn’t stop worrying forever, but he sure worries a lot less! Purchase here.


Betsie Bee, which is about a little bee who learned how to share and care.
Betsie Bee – The little bee who learned how to share in preschool, is a book for children who are either just starting school or need to learn how to share with a new friend or sibling. A child’s first experience in school is often the first time they are expected to share with others, work collaboratively, and patiently wait their turn. Betsie Bee is the little bee who learns that sharing and caring for others brings wonderful rewards. Purchase here.

About Danielle Lindner:
Danielle Lindner is a certified early educational and elementary teacher in New Jersey. After receiving her M.A. in Teaching and Elementary Education (Hons.), from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1996, she worked as a teacher, trainer and educator for over 18 years in both public and private educational institutions. An experienced businesswoman, in addition to her credentials as a recognized educator, Danielle was recently named a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by The New Jersey chapter of Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (LWEBW). Danielle saw a need for a more balanced approach to early childhood learning and worked with like-minded child development professionals to build an enriching, engaging and challenging curriculum that addresses the whole child, combining essential academic skills with a focus on social and emotional development. The London Day School opened its doors in 2010.