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Get the help you need to navigate the unpredictable world of parenting with Danielle Lindner, founder of The London Day School and the brilliant mind behind the award-winning “A Parent’s Pocket Guide to Surviving the Preschool Years,” your hands-on ally in this exhilarating journey!


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Interview with Great Day in Hartford: Practical Parenting Advice

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Educator and parenting coach, Danielle Lindner is a guest on "Great Day" on WFSB-TV (ABC Hartford, Connecticut). Danielle, author of "Parent's Pocket Guide to Surviving the Preschool Years," offers practical advice for the parents of [...]

Top 5 Things Not to Say to Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

By |3:29 pm|Categories: Parenting|

Danielle Lindner's Feature in Bay Area Parent Magazine— In my 14 years running a preschool, I’ve answered countless questions from students and parents alike. Here are five no preschool teacher wants to hear. My daughter [...]

Couch Forts to Character Building: Danielle’s Guide to Nurturing Potential Preschoolers

By |5:32 pm|Categories: Podcasts|

In this episode of the Odd Mom Pod, host Brittany interviews Danielle Lindner, an educator, author, and 'preschool parenting queen', known for her eclectic approach to helping children cope through literature. Danielle shares her upbringing [...]